B&O Railroad Escape Room

The Haunted Station


Professor Van Helsing believes that a vampire of significant power has entered the United States via the Port of Baltimore. The creature’s final destination is unknown, but he is expected to move his casket and soil by rail.

You are tasked with the undesirable mission of entering the old station and identifying the train and passenger name needed to find the monster, and telegraphing the information to Professor Van Helsing….

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Edgar Allen Poe Escape Room

Edgar Allen Poe Room


In October, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe died under mysterious circumstances in a state of extreme delirium. Having a keen interest in puzzles and cryptography, perhaps Poe himself hid clues to the events of his final days that are yet to be discovered. Step back into his study to unravel the puzzles and the mystery. You have just one hour, for spending any longer in the mind of the troubled man may put you at risk of meeting a similar fate!

Spy Themed Escape Room

The Spy Room


A double agent has stolen a list of your agents in the field, and is going to expose them. You have just one hour to find the list, stop the traitor, and save your colleagues!

About Us

Welcome to Charm City Clue Room – Outstanding fun, excitement and mystery for the whole gang!

Located at 6 Market Place, Baltimore, MD 21202, Charm City Clue Room is a place that challenges your creative thinking ability, leadership skills, communication, cooperation, while testing your limits!

Charm City Clue Room is the place to go to with family and friends for outstanding fun and adventure you’re sure to love. At just $29 per person, you can choose from any of the 3 mystery filled rooms we have, where you and your groups will 60 minutes to identify and decode clues, solve the puzzle and figure your way out to make your escape.

We offer a fun and exciting way to bond with friends, family and/or workmates in an amazingly challenging environment you won’t soon forget.

Here at Charm City Clue Room, we welcome guests of all ages from Baltimore, other parts of Maryland, and all throughout North America. We’re open to serve you from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM seven days a week and are open to customizing packages for groups of clients depending on your specific needs! Affordable, exciting, fun-filled adventures await here at Charm City Clue Room – the ideal venue for memorable family bonding, corporate team building activities, and others!

We have three mystery-filled rooms to choose from:

  • Edgar Allan Poe Room with a 35% escape rate
  • B&O Railroad Room with a 40% escape rate
  • The Spy Room with a 45% escape rate

With challenging tasks and puzzles that are designed to challenge your imagination, leadership, cooperation, coordination and quick thinking, it’s the perfect adventure to take on with family and friends – and is the ideal team bonding experience for workmates!

For more information on how you can get in on all the fun and excitement, please call us at 443-970-6678 or email us at info@charmcityclueroom.com today!



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