Why are escape games surging in popularity for team building activities?

  • Fun and exciting:  Your team will have fun playing the game.
  • Observable team dynamics:  Leaders emerge, problem solvers shine, and organizers keep everyone focused.
  • Accessible:  Everyone on your team can participate, regardless of age or physical ability.
  • Affordable:  Available group rates make our escape game a very affordable outing for your team.
  • Flexible:  Games take just one hour, so you can enjoy a quick diversion or add it to a longer gathering.

Charm City Clue Room has several options for your next team building event.  We can host 32-40 people per hour across our 4 escape games.  Larger groups can play across multiple game times. While waiting for their game time, your team can enjoy the restaurants and bars mere steps away in Power Plant Live, or visit the Inner Harbor just 2 blocks from us.

Thank you Sean, Craig, and the Team at Charm City Clue Room for the great experience provided over 60 managers from Cowan Systems over the past 12 weeks!  When we started putting together our annual corporate training program the concept of reinforcing our discussions on Team Building and Problem Solving by having our team members go through escape rooms in small groups of 4-7 the idea sounded like it would provide some benefit, however, we did not realize how instrumental this experience would be.  Thanks to the excellent set up of the rooms and top notch follow up sessions on problem solving facilitated by Craig Coletta our experience at Charm City Clue Room was more than just a fun experience for the management team, the experience has been a catalyst for moving toward a new way of thinking within the organization.  In reviewing the sessions with our management team all of them mentioned the escape room experience as one of the memorable highlights of this year’s training sessions.  I would recommend any organization that is looking for looking for a different way to improve or evaluate problem solving , communication, stress management, conflict management, etc. within their work group contact Charm City Clue Rooms to see the program they have to offer.  The escape rooms at Charm City Clue Room are not just fun for family and friends, the experience provided here is excellent and relevant for any work group or as a component of a corporate training program.

Here are some great Baltimore-area companies who have visited Charm City Clue Room for a team-building experience!

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Hours may vary while we navigate through COVID. Please see the Book Now page for current game schedule. Additional game times can be added for larger groups by phone.